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Indian Head Massage

This is a technique of manipulating soft tissue in the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and scalp. These areas store a great deal of anxiety that accumulates in everyday life. You will benefit from a truly cleansing and energizing treatment.

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage could benefit you in the following ways:

  • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to the head, neck, scalp,  face and shoulder area
  • A deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of total well-being
  • Relief from headaches and migraine
  • Relaxation of the muscles of the head, neck and shoulder area
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Improvement in concentration and memory
  • Relief from anxiety and insomnia
  • Alleviation of eyestrain
  • Healthy skin
  • Confidence and improved self-esteem

One treatment takes about 45 minutes and costs 30

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Indian Head Massage

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